Moving Heaven

They are trying so hard
to find what will move your heart,

what exact steps there are
or methods to employ,
what words to use
or thoughts to think
or attitudes of the heart

that unlock the door of your goodness,
turn the lever of the floodgate
of blessing.

But I cannot
rummaging through myself
seem to find one thing
you do not already know.

Putting down all the tools, I
gather up with painfully ordinary hands
my thoughts, not even pure
and motives, even the ones
that do not trust but seek to control
the outcome,

Make my way up the path and
drop them at your doorstep
and ring the bell.

Lord, you know all things;
You know I love you.

Better hope you are less a mystery
to be solved, or one to impress, for I
I have nothing else to give.

© 2011 D. Patrick Collins

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