The Safest Place on Earth

Is there one hair on my head that is not numbered?
Is there one square inch of this life You are not a part of,
That You aren’t mindful of,
That You aren’t at work?

Where can I go that You are not with me?
What darkness can I find myself in that is not light to You?
What detour can I possibly take
That You have not already taken me along?

What tear can I possibly cry
That You have not already shed?

What secret can I possibly keep from You behind locked safe
That You aren’t already inside?
Keeping secret the secret You already know,
Keeping vigil over the secrets I am not yet ready to share.

For You are closer than a friend
And safer than any other.
Indeed, Jesus,
You are the safest, the very safest
Place on earth.

© 2013 D. Patrick Collins

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