I am the reflection

In the deep of night
when all is still
may I arise like the moon
so that what can’t be seen
may shine upon
those who dwell in darkness.

© 2013 D. Patrick Collins

The Safest Place on Earth

Is there one hair on my head that is not numbered?
Is there one square inch of this life You are not a part of,
That You aren’t mindful of,
That You aren’t at work?

Where can I go that You are not with me?
What darkness can I find myself in that is not light to You?
What detour can I possibly take
That You have not already taken me along?

What tear can I possibly cry
That You have not already shed?

What secret can I possibly keep from You behind locked safe
That You aren’t already inside?
Keeping secret the secret You already know,
Keeping vigil over the secrets I am not yet ready to share.

For You are closer than a friend
And safer than any other.
Indeed, Jesus,
You are the safest, the very safest
Place on earth.

© 2013 D. Patrick Collins

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